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Relaxation in virtual reality

KineQuantum offers innovative solutions for wellbeing and relaxation through virtual reality therapy. Our therapeutic virtual reality headsets offer your patients an experience of immersive relaxation.


These relaxation methods help reduce your patients' fear of movement, anxiety and pain sensation.

Virtual reality relaxation exercises

Schultz autogenic training in VR: We have integrated the Schultz method into a virtual reality exercise. This relaxation technique is recognized for its beneficial effects on reducing stress and improving general well-being. It is now available in an immersive format for deep relaxation.

Relaxation on the beach: This exercise transports patients to a peaceful beach environment. Listening to the waves and birds, watching the ocean, can help calm the mind and reduce stress. These soothing sounds and images help to establish a sense of serenity for your patients.

Lounging in the forest: Exercise in the forest helps patients relax. The woodland setting and sounds of nature promote relaxation. The crackling fire contributes to patients' well-being and helps them to let go.

Virtual reality to promote well-being

The virtual reality therapy is increasingly used in hospitals for anxiety and pain management.


Medical virtual reality applications don't stop at physical rehabilitation. Hypnosis headsets offer a non-invasive and effective solution for the treatment of stress and other psychological problems.


Using a virtual reality headset, patients can enjoy a moment of relaxation in virtual reality. This enables them to better manage stressful situations.

Accessibility and efficiency

Virtual reality is a promising technological tool in the field of relaxation and well-being. Virtual reality therapy brings a new dimension to stress reduction and improved quality of life.


The use of virtual reality can induce states of deep relaxation and improve mood. By immersing patients in peaceful, controlled environments, it thus promotes mental and physical relaxation (Ebrahimi et al., 2021).



With a variety of virtual reality medical applications for physiotherapy rehabilitation or relaxation, the treatment options are diverse. The exposure therapy to virtual reality has proven its effectiveness in many clinical contexts (more).


KineQuantum uses virtual reality to offer accessible and effective wellness therapies. They incorporate recognized techniques such as the Schultz method and soothing natural environments for complete relaxation.

Why choose KineQuantum?

KineQuantum offers virtual reality relaxation solutions that are easy to integrate into your daily practice. Our programs use virtual reality to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and pain.


When you choose KineQuantum, you're opting for a modern, innovative method to enhance your patients' well-being. KineQuantum uses cutting-edge techniques to deliver immersive and beneficial virtual reality relaxation therapies.


Our exercises are designed to transport patients into soothing environments, promoting deep relaxation and better stress management.

KineQuantum uses virtual reality to bring you effective, accessible wellness therapies. The therapeutic virtual reality headset integrates the Schultz method and soothing nature environments for a complete relaxation experience.

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