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Lumbar spine rehabilitation with virtual reality

Lumbar rehabilitation is essential for patients suffering from back pain. KineQuantum offers an innovative approach using virtual reality for lumbar kinetics. The VR kiné headset enables immersive and engaging kinesitherapy sessions with physical activities in the form of therapeutic games.


Virtual reality therapy with KineQuantum lets you perform more than 18 different rehabilitation exercises dedicated to the thoracolumbar region.


Whether you're a physiotherapist specializing in back problems or not, you can carry out exercises adapted to chronic or acute lumbar pathologies, sciatica, active discopathy, scoliosis, lumbar osteoarthritis or perform physiotherapy for narrow lumbar canals, etc.

Physiotherapy exercises
lumbar spine rehabilitation

Create innovative physical therapy sessions with fun lumbar spine exercises. These lumbar spine exercises are designed to motivate your patients and rehabilitate them effectively.


With the vr headset KineQuantum, you can integrate specially adapted kine dos sessions for optimal spinal rehabilitation.

Mobility of the spine: flexion-extension, rotation and tilt to manage limitations and increase range of motion.

Work in lordosis, accentuating the curvature of the spine in the lumbar region.

Back muscle strengthening: muscle control with eccentric work (muscle braking), concentric and isometric work (maintaining position)

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) to prevent physical trauma.

Strengthens spinal muscles to prevent back pain.

Proprioceptive work: proprioceptive disorders kinetics of the lumbar spine.

Spinal flexibility: relax the spine.

Physiotherapy assessment of the spine, including the cervical region and lumbar vertebrae.

Low back pain exercises: the KineQuantum therapeutic virtual reality headset gives you access to effective lumbar spine rehabilitation exercises for chronic and acute low back pain. Offer your patients an immersive and entertaining experience.

Also discover if you haven't already, KineQuantum's therapeutic exercises for cervical spine rehabilitation.

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