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Lower limb rehabilitation
in virtual reality

The rehabilitation of the lower limbs is a crucial step in regaining optimal mobility and functionality after injury or surgery. KineQuantum offers a new immersive method for rehabilitation of the hip, knee and ankle. This method uses therapeutic virtual reality.


Our virtual reality headsets can be used for a wide range of rehabilitation exercises. These exercises are adapted to knee arthroses, to ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament, tothe instability of the patella, to fractures and sprains.

Lower limb work with KineQuantum

Hip mobility: abduction/adduction, flexion/extension, rotation, horizontal abduction.

Physiotherapy knee rehabilitation: flexion/extension.

Ankle mobility rehabilitation: flexion/extension, abduction/adduction. Offer your patients innovative ankle rehabilitation exercises.

Proprioceptive work: knee proprioception, ankle or hip proprioceptive rehabilitation. Training programs to improve your patients' support.

Gait rehabilitation: virtual obstacle spanning exercise.

Work on reflexes, speed of execution and agility.

Cardiovascular strengthening work. Cardio exercises with squats and lunges to improve your patients' endurance.

Work on muscle control.


of equipped healthcare professionals find KineQuantum's physiotherapy exercises for lower limbs adapted to their needs

Frédérique H., physiotherapist in Le Thor

Frédérique H., physiotherapist, Le Thor

With the KineQuantum therapeutic virtual reality headset, I've seen incredible progress. And this applies to both elderly and non-elderly patients undergoing functional rehabilitation for their lower limbs. Success is guaranteed.

Source: satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with KineQuantum between 2022 and March 2024.

By using virtual reality for lower limb rehabilitation, offer your patients innovative and effective care. KineQuantum's programs aim to improve mobility, proprioception and muscle control. They make sessions more engaging and motivating.


Discover how KineQuantum can transform your physiotherapy practice and help your patients regain optimal functionality. With KineQuantum, every session is immersive. The kinetic device helps patients go beyond their physical limits. Make an appointment today to learn more about our virtual reality rehabilitation solutions.


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