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Course of a physiotherapy session with virtual reality

Physiotherapy sessions with KineQuantum integrate virtual reality for innovative and effective treatment. Here's how a typical session works.

Step 1: Choosing exercises

Choose from over 120 playful exercises to suit your patient's pathophysiology.  Simply use keywords to find exercises. For example, click on "cervical" then "rotation".

Step 2: Exercise settings

Adjust duration, difficulty and amplitude, according to your patient's needs and progress. You can also load in 2 clicks recorded protocols with the patients you want.

Step 3: Performing the exercises

Equip the patient with the virtual reality headset and start the session. Exercises are performed by the patient in total immersion using the VR headset. The system guides the patient through each exercise with clear instructions and interactive visualizations. The physiotherapist can observe and adjust in real time if necessary.

Click here to see an example of a KineQuantum rehabilitation exercise in virtual reality.

Step 4: Reporting and follow-up

Consult the session report with a graph and a score to motivate your patient. Score progression is tracked between sessions. Between each session, previous exercises are saved for quick start-up.


of physiotherapists equipped with virtual reality therapy find KineQuantum “easy” or “very easy” to use

Satisfaction survey of physiotherapists equipped with the KineQuantum vr simulator between January 2022 and March 2024. Results obtained from 122 respondents.

Virtual reality headsets for rehabilitation

Discover therapeutic virtual reality devices for your rehabilitation sessions with KineQuantum software. Choose the device that suits your practice.

Are you a self-employed physiotherapist or home physiotherapist? Do you work in several physiotherapy practices or take care of patients in Ehpad?




physio practice

The transportable, wireless therapeutic virtual reality application for physiotherapists at home and in the office.

Are you a physiotherapist or occupational therapist working in a rehabilitation center or hospital? Are you looking for a secure solution that's also suitable for patients with grip problems?





The virtual reality functional rehabilitation machine for hospitals and clinics.

Physiotherapists' opinions on virtual reality rehabilitation sessions

"The service provided by medical virtual reality goggles is worth the expense. It's technically relevant and really helps my patients. The KineQuantum VR platform is now an integral part of my sessions."

Jerôme C physio equipped with vr for physiotherapists in Eaubonne

Jerome C.



"Technology does what I can't do with my hands, and it gives me back medical time potentially to do other things. It's not the same as giving your patient two dumbbells in the office."

Xavier D mkde et formateur à Paris

Xavier D.

Physiotherapist and instructor


"The virtual reality application simulates an archery session, for example. As a result, I don't even need to tell them what movements to make, they do it themselves, completely autonomously."

Franck R physio with therapeutic virtual reality headset in Ermont

Frank R.

Physical therapist


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