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Boost your practice with KineQuantum  Liberty 

Sportsman doing his VR rehabilitation with KineQuantum Liberty
Physiotherapist's hands holding a tablet with the KineQuantum Liberté physiotherapy application

Rehabilitation meets technology to create an unprecedented experience. Looking to modernize your practice with cutting-edge technological tools?

Discover how the KineQuantum Liberty therapeutic virtual reality headset can transform your approach to rehabilitation.

Designed for flexible use in the office or at home, this device revolutionizes the approach to virtual reality rehabilitation. This medical virtual reality headset is a game-changer for virtual reality rehabilitation.

100% freedom of motion

Give your patients the ultimate experience with wireless technology, enabling unprecedented freedom of movement. This therapeutic virtual reality headset lets your patients move freely as they perform their rehabilitation exercises.

Sports patient in virtual reality with KineQuantum Liberty's meta quest 3 headset and touch plus controllers

Virtual reality headset features :

meta quest 3 vr therapy headset used with KineQuantum Liberty
  • Wireless headset for virtual reality therapy
  • Elite strap for a comfortable fit

  • Pancake lenses to reduce eye fatigue

  • Haptic joysticks for maximum vr immersion.

The freedom to rehabilitate everywhere

With KineQuantum Liberty, rehabilitation knows no boundaries. You can use this innovative device in any rehabilitation environment for unrivalled flexibility in your practice.

KineQuantum Liberty device with wireless headset, tacile tablet and carrying backpack

Advanced wireless technology

The wireless virtual reality headset from KineQuantum Liberty offers an unconstrained immersive experience. The advanced wireless technology allows you to deliver effective therapy without the limitations of cables.

Intuitive touch interface

The virtual reality software from KineQuantum Liberty is easy to use, thanks to an intuitive touch interface. The removable keyboard makes interaction with the software even more convenient, facilitating use for physiotherapists.

Compact, lightweight design

Carry your device easily in a backpack thanks to its compact, lightweight design. No need to worry about heavy, bulky installations.

Integrated charging station

The integrated charging station makes it easy to recharge the mask and controllers, ensuring your equipment is always ready for use.

Offline operation

One of the great advantages of KineQuantum Liberty is its off-line operation, eliminating any technical limitations and guaranteeing use anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

Quick and easy to use

physiotherapist using the tablet with KineQuantum Liberty

Ideal for self-employed physiotherapists, KineQuantum Liberté is designed for quick and easy use, whether in the office, on home visits or in nursing homes.

Use the new kinetic technology from KineQuantum Liberty wherever your patients are, without the installation constraints of traditional equipment.

Tablet features :

  • Touchscreen tablet with intuitive interface

  • Convenient removable keyboard

  • 13” screen for optimum legibility

  • Express start

Discover KineQuantum  Liberty 

KineQuantum Liberty combines mobility, advanced technology and ease-of-use for rehabilitation without boundaries. This therapeutic virtual reality headset enables fast, effective intervention wherever you need it.

Compact and lightweight

No more cumbersome, heavy installation. Easily carry your device in a backpack for effective sessions, wherever you are.

Quick setup

No fixed installation required. With an intuitive interface and instant set-up, you can start your sessions in no time.

KineQuantum Liberty medical device with open backpack and quest 3 tablet and headset on top. The KineQuantum Liberty physiotherapy software interface is displayed on the exercise selection page.

Software with 120 exercises

Physiotherapy software with 120 varied rehabilitation exercises, adapted to the different pathologies of your patients. This diversity ensures complete, personalized care.

Exceptional mobility

Offer your patients an optimal experience with wireless technology, guaranteeing exceptional freedom of movement and effective, stress-free therapy.

Why choose KineQuantum Liberty

KineQuantum boasts unique technological know-how. A pioneer in the field, the company develops cutting-edge medical devices combining kinetic innovation and advanced technology.

Effortless handling

KineQuantum Liberty's intuitive interface, with an integrated tutorial, makes it quick and efficient to get to grips with, even for new users. The VR equipment is designed to be used by physiotherapists.

Automated sessions

Save time with automatic exercise sequencing. This feature lets you concentrate on what's most important: rehabilitating your patients. New technology simplifies your rehabilitation sessions.

100% guided

Thanks to visual, auditory and haptic biofeedbacks, your patients are fully guided, avoiding compensation.

KineQuantum Liberté physiotherapy software guides your patients autonomously.


Start a session in less than a minute with an existing patient. The VR software's ease of use means you can get started quickly, without wasting time. The Virtual Rehabilitation Kine Machine is designed to maximize your productivity.

Serenity guaranteed

KineQuantum supports its customers over the long term. All updates and after-sales service are offered free of charge for the first year. These services are chargeable, but without obligation. This enables healthcare professionals to use their rehabilitation tools flexibly.

Upstream ...

icon of two credit cards

Financing solutions

With our leasing partners, take advantage of a competitive 5-year financing plan, enabling you to invest easily in this technology.

Icon of a nut with a tick to illustrate installation


We take care of the complete installation of your system, giving you a simple, hassle-free start-up.

... at start-up ...

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Integrated training

A tutorial integrated into the kinetic software and a 2-hour online video training course are available to ensure total mastery of the tool.

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Your dedicated advisor is on hand to offer you responsive, personalized support, guaranteeing your satisfaction and that of your patients.

... over time

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Regular updates

Benefit from updates every 6 months, adding new exercises and enhancements to keep your device at the cutting edge of innovation.

Icône d'un technicien support avec un casque telephonique

after-sales service

In the event of equipment failure, KineQuantum quickly replaces the equipment at no extra cost to subscribers, to ensure maximum continuity of service.

Exclusive launch offer

Take advantage of an exceptional 10% discount reserved for the first 100 orders. Don't miss this opportunity to modernize your practice and offer your patients state-of-the-art rehabilitation.

KineQuantum Liberty is more than just a rehabilitation tool. With its wireless technology, advanced virtual reality software and compact design, it offers unrivalled freedom and efficiency.


Don't miss this opportunity to modernize your practice and offer your patients optimal rehabilitation.

Contact us today.

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