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Optimize rehabilitation
KineQuantum  Classic 

Sports patient rehabilitation session

Excellence in virtual reality rehabilitation, at the heart of your healthcare establishment.

KineQuantum Classique is the system of choice for hospitals and rehabilitation centers, thanks to its fixed configuration and wired virtual reality mask.

physio device KineQuantum Classic

The virtual reality tool

Access the best of new technology. The virtual reality headset for rehabilitation brings you simplicity, reliability and performance.

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VR headset features :

  • High-resolution display
  • Wide field of vision 120°.

  • Ergonomic and comfortable

  • Space sound 3d

The reliability of a proven device

Used by over 700 rehabilitation professionals for more than 6 years, KineQuantum Classic's solidity and reliability are beyond question.

materiel kinesitherapie KineQuantum Classique

Intuitive software interface

Enjoy easy and easy to use, optimizing the user experience and management of rehabilitation exercises.

High-performance virtual reality mask

Enjoy a high-end VR headsetdesigned to deliver optimum performance and total immersion during rehabilitation sessions.

Ergonomic controllers

Use easy-to-handle joysticks equipped with safety straps to ensure comfortable, safe use during exercise.

Powerful computer

Exploit a PC with a powerful graphics card, specially adapted to the requirements of virtual reality for smooth, efficient operation.

Safe, compact installation

Install on a compact mobile cart or in a secure cabinet, for easy storage while ensuring the safety of your equipment.

100% accessible

The device has optional advanced features such as foot movement tracking. Give your patients with grip problems maximum exercise with the "straps and trackers" kit.

wrist bracelet for patients with grip problems

Straps and trackers kit :

  • Two motion trackers.
  • Eight body straps

  • Upper limb assessment

  • Exercise in mirror therapy

  • Strict foot monitoring.

Discover KineQuantum  Classic 

KineQuantum Classic, excellence in virtual reality rehabilitation.

High-end virtual reality headset

KineQuantum Classic boasts one of the most advanced virtual reality tracking systems on the market. It uses two base stations and numerous sensors integrated into the headset and controllers.




Therapeutic virtual reality requires capabilities you don't have with a conventional desktop computer. Benefit from high performance with the KineQuantum rehabilitation tool.

kinetic equipment KineQuantum Classic

Software with over 120 exercises

KineQuantum virtual reality therapy software contains all the treatments specially designed for physiotherapy, with over 120 assessment and functional rehabilitation exercises for a wide range of pathologies.


Installation on a mobile cart or in a secure computer cabinet. KineQuantum Classic is particularly suited to demanding environments such as rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

Secure installation

KineQuantum Classic machine in a medical cabinet

KineQuantum Classic is installed on a mobile pedestal or in a lockable computer cabinet.

KineQuantum Classic is used in over a hundred hospitals and clinics, and is particularly well-suited to institutional environments.

Why choose
KineQuantum Classic

KineQuantum's unique technological know-how is at the heart of its DNA. A pioneer in the field, it is the only company to have developed its medical devices to such exacting standards, with one objective in mind: to truly meet your expectations and those of your patients.

Effortless handling

Intuitive interface, with integrated tutorial, for immediate operational efficiency.

100% guided

Visual, auditory and haptic biofeedbacks to avoid compensation.


Automated sessions

Automatic sequence of exercises. Protocol repeated between each session to save time.


Start a session with a patient who has already completed a session in less than a minute.

women's virtual sports physiotherapy

Rigorous movement tracking

senior woman with KineQuantum Classic virtual reality headset

Two base stations are installed on the ceiling of your facility.


They emit wide-angle, two-dimensional infrared laser beams, tracking the position of the virtual reality headset and controllers in space thanks to the many sensors on its surface.


All your patients' movements are meticulously tracked.

A rehabilitation device
in all-in-one virtual reality

You don't have to do anything, we take care of everything for you.

Free professional installation in your practice

2-hour interactive online training

1-year warranty included with all updates 

High-performance after-sales service 

Secure device: encrypted patient data

Hygienic device: easy to clean

Test KineQuantum  Classic 

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your practice. Schedule your personalized demo and discover the benefits of KineQuantum Classic. Contact us today.

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