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Virtual Reality for physiotherapists

Virtual reality medical device

Virtual reality rehabilitation
in physiotherapy

Virtual reality therapy explanation

VR is a computer-generated 3d simulation. By positively trapping your patients' brains with medical virtual reality, the KineQuantum machine lifts their apprehensions. Your patients' attention is focused on the therapeutic video game. Motivated, they naturally perform their movements in VR immersion.

Added value for you and your patients

Fight kinesiophobia with therapeutic virtual reality and relieve your patients' pain during their rehabilitation sessions. Offer your patients a fun and motivating immersive experience.

of physiotherapists equipped with the KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation tool are satisfied with their investment

Satisfaction surveys conducted among healthcare professionals equipped with KineQuantum equipment between January 2022 and March 2024. Results obtained from 122 respondents.

Technological innovation combined with scientific excellence


Innovate in your treatment

Modernize your treatments and discover new therapeutic horizons with the KineQuantum physio device.

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Improve your daily life

Ease your practice, gain time and bring a new breath to your exercise to the benefit of your patients, and yours.


Effective rehabilitation

Virtual reality with KineQuantum helps to rehabilitate a wide range of pathologies: orthopaedic, rheumatological, traumatological, neurological and vestibular.


Empower your patients

With a direct return on investment, KineQuantum supports your patients with stimulating physiotherapy sessions. Under your supervision, they are autonomous.

A unique diversity
of therapeutic indications

picto bones with osteoarthritis

Indications in rheumatology

picto fracture.jpg

Orthopedics & traumatology

picto neurologie.jpg

Neurological indications

picto oreille interne vestibulaire.jpg

Vestibular indications

KineQuantum equipment offers a wide range of exercises for physiotherapy assessment and functional physiotherapy rehabilitation. The physical activities in the rehabilitation programmes are suitable for all patients, whether they are young or sporty.


The techniques used by the KineQuantum device improve patients' mobility, coordination, proprioception and muscle strengthening.


Quick and easy to set up, they can be used in physiotherapy practices or at home.

"With KineQuantum VR software, the patient is proactive, and that's what we're looking for to recover lost movement. We're going to have functional rehabilitation that's more effective, with muscle recruitment that's much closer to everyday reality."

Photo Gregory G directeur IFMK Paris.jpg

Grégory G.
Director of a physiotherapy training instituteParis

"Patients restrict their movements a great deal for fear of aggravating their injury, or increasing their pain sensation. The KineQuantum therapeutic virtual reality machine helps to unblock the situation. It helps patients make movements they don't dare to make."

Photo Dan B.  Masseur-kinésithérapeute  Le Perreux-sur-Marne.jpg

Dan B.

Le Perreux-sur-Marne

“KineQuantum is really very effective. What convinced me?

When I saw one of my patients raise their arms like never before. I even filmed it to show him afterwards. He was astonished himself. "

Photo Gaël S., kinésithérapeute, Saint-Jean-de-Védas.jpg

Gaël S.

Shoulder physiotherapist


Virtual reality therapy in the medical field

The use of immersive virtual reality for therapeutic purposes in physiotherapy is part of the EBP approach.

KineQuantum class 1 medical devices are CE marked. KineQuantum works with many hospitals and clinics that use its virtual reality glasses.

KineQuantum unites and brings together its equipped clients into a community of physiotherapists. We regularly communicate with them to get their opinions and their suggestions for new rehabilitation exercises.

hôpitaux et centres équipés avec KineQuantum_edited_edited.png

Medical virtual reality
with KineQuantum

Claire Gervais PRM doctor in Dijon shares her opinion on KineQuantum

Dr. Claire Gervais

PRM doctor, Dijon

"We can use virtual reality for balance disorder, pathologies for upperlimb, cervical and lumbar.


Another valuable application : in case of kinesiophobia (the fear of movement). As the patient is still having chronical pain episodes, they protect the painful zone. They exclude that zone from the rehabilitation by not mobilizing it anymore.

With virtual reality, this barrier is lifted by games and images. The user's focus is maintained on something else than their pain, allowing them to accomplish things they were not thinking they were able of. This is regain of trust process."

Logo Ramsay Generale de Sante clinique les Rosiers Dijon

For the same exercise, we witness a larger and wider range of movement with the virtual reality KineQuantum Device than with a regular session. It allows the patient to be actors of their rehabilitation in an innovative, fun and efficient way.

Dr. Fardjad, Head of the Spine Unit, Hôpital Henri Mondor, Créteil

"The aim is always to reduce clinic stays as much as possible. The KineQuantum tool enables us to work more efficiently. Without even realising it, patients can improve their performance in the virtual world compared with a traditional physiotherapy session."

Bastien Belmondo, Head of Therapy Department, Réseau hospitalier neufchâtelois, Switzerland

Boost the attractiveness of your kinesitherapy practice

How can you stand out from the crowd? Modernise your physiotherapy practice with the KineQuantum virtual reality therapy machine and its physiotherapy applications.


Contact us for the price of the KineQuantum virtual reality therapy headset.

How does a virtual

reality session work?

Physiotherapy sessions using virtual reality equipment for rehabilitation are intuitive and easy to set up. The KineQuantum virtual reality application is designed to be quick to learn.

Picto of hand selecting vr exercises


Use keywords to select exercises that correspond to your patient's pathology.

Picto masque VR.png


Put the headset onto your patient to start a flawless session of several exercise

Picto paramètres.png

Exercise parameters

Fine-tune all the exercise parameters to give your patient the best possible stimulation.

Picto progression.png

& progress

Consult the session minutes and export them in pdf format if required.

Your physiotherapist's assistant for your therapeutic needs

KineQuantum software is designed to help in the treatment of common physiotherapy problems. They improve active rehabilitation and are easy to integrate into your professional routine.


A KineQuantum exercise is like a therapeutic video game that guides and motivates your patient through recovery.

Design of therapeutic exercises

a teenager wears a virtual reality mask on his head. A therapist manipulates his arm.

Our team designs therapeutic exercises in virtual reality, turning movements into fun, immersive games. Each exercise is integrated into a video game to motivate patients, including the disabled and the elderly. Developed and tested by our engineers, these exercises are simple and attractive, offering a variety of virtual worlds with KineQuantum VR headsets.

Virtual reality devices for rehabilitation

Access the best in new technology. Therapeutic virtual reality headsets bring you simplicity, reliability and performance. Choose the physiotherapy equipment that's right for you.



Virtual reality rehabilitation excellency, at the core of your health establishment.

KineQuantum Classic is ideal for hospitals and clinics. It comes with its own mobile shelf and wired virtual reality headset.

Visuels carrés (3).png



Whether in the practice or at home, there are no limits to virtual reality rehabilitation.

Perfect for physiotherapists in practice, at home or in nursing homes, KineQuantum Liberté meets the needs of patients, wherever they are.

dispositif KineQuantum Liberté.png


exercise launched with KineQuantum physcial rehabilitation device

green pictogram of a rocket taking off

Source: Statistics from VR applications company KineQuantum for Q1 2024.


of therapists equipped find this type of rehabilitation suitable

picto évaluation.jpg

Source: Results of a satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with the KineQuantum vr simulator between 2022 and March 2024.

A safe and efficient device

KineQuantum is a CE marked medical device. Our goal is to offer only therapeutic exercises in virtual reality online with an EBP (evidence based practice) approach.

The virtual reality headset
for rehabilitation

Like 96% of our customers and 99% of their patients, trust the KineQuantum therapeutic solution*. Try the virtual reality rehabilitation medical device for free in your practice, with your patients.

Source: satisfaction surveys carried out among d.e. kines equipped with KineQuantum between January 2022 and March 2024. Results obtained from 122 respondents.

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