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What are the advantages of
virtual reality therapy?

Discover the benefits of using vr therapy for you and your patients. KineQuantum's medical devices are designed to simplify your daily practice and encourage your patients' engagement in their physiotherapy sessions.

The benefits of therapeutic
virtual reality for physiotherapists

Did you know that 4 out of 10 physiotherapists report burnout? KineQuantum combines technological know-how and scientific relevance to help you improve your daily life as a physiotherapist.

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Add value to your physiotherapy care

After the physiotherapy session, share the results with the attending physician and the patient by exporting them as a pdf file.

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Optimize your therapeutic time

Start a virtual reality rehabilitation session in less than 1 minute. Exercises are then performed in the virtual environment for your patient.

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active movement

Help your patients make the right movements during their physiotherapy session by using biofeedbacks to guide them 100%.

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Diversify your treatment with new exercises and the ability to see multiple patients at once under your supervision.


of physiotherapists equipped with the KineQuantum virtual reality system are satisfied.

Xavier Dufour, physiotherapist equipped with KineQuantum

Xavier D., kinésithérapeute, Paris

The KineQuantum virtual reality application does what I can't do with my hands, and empowers patients. It frees up my medical time, and it's quite different from giving your patient two dumbbells.

Source: satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with KineQuantum between 2022 and March 2024.

An optimized user interface for physiotherapists

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Effortless handling

Session reports and assessments can be exported as pdf files. Share them with your patients or prescribers for greater efficiency, and observe the impact of your treatment.

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Starting a physiotherapy session with the virtual reality kinetic device takes from a few seconds to a minute, with an existing patient.

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Exportable results

Session reports and assessments can be exported as pdf files. Share them with your patients or prescribers for greater efficiency, and observe the impact of your treatment.

The benefits of therapeutic
virtual reality for your patients

painkiller pictogram

the pain

2/3 of physiotherapists equipped¹ with our therapeutic virtual reality device report a reduction in pain during rehabilitation.

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Avoid missed sessions

Motivate your patients with fun, immersive exercises that make them want to see their physiotherapy sessions through to the end.

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Engage your patients

96% of patients treated by KineQuantum-equipped physiotherapists¹ are satisfied with their rehabilitation sessions. Turn physiotherapy into a fun, engaging and motivating experience.

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Overcome kinesiophobia

Free your patients from their fear of movement and encourage fearless movement in your physiotherapy practice for effective rehabilitation.

¹ satisfaction survey conducted among healthcare professionals equipped with KineQuantum kine equipment between January 2022 and March 2024. Results obtained from 122 respondents.


rehabilitation sessions per day with the KineQuantum therapeutic virtual reality headset

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Source: Statistics from VR applications company KineQuantum for Q1 2024.


patients treated with KineQuantum's virtual reality rehabilitation tool

Visuels carrés (27).jpg

Source: Satisfaction survey of 122 therapists equipped with the KineQuantum vr simulator between 2022 and March 2024.



of patients are satisfied with their sessions.

smiling physiotherapy patient with disabling rectractile capsulitis

Pierrette, 67-year-old patient, retractile capsulitis

Coming to physio sessions isn't always easy, and it can be painful. When you know that you have the KineQuantum virtual goggle behind you, it's easier to come.

Satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with KineQuantum between 2022 and March 2024.

VR experiences tailored to your patients

120+ fun exercises

Discover kinetic rehabilitation exercises with carefully designed graphics that are truly playful, to renew and energize your kinetic treatments.

100% guided patients

Your patient receives visual, auditory and haptic biofeedback to encourage correct movement. Benefit from a system that fully guides your patients through position changes and exercises.

Automated sessions

The exercises in the virtual reality session follow on automatically. At the next physiotherapy session, your protocol and parameters are repeated to save time.

Opinions of physiotherapists using the therapeutic virtual reality headset

"Patients restrict themselves a lot for fear of aggravating their injury, or increasing their pain sensation. The KineQuantum virtual reality tool helps to unblock the situation. It helps patients make movements they don't dare to make."

Dan Benmoyale physiotherapist in Le Perreux sur Marne

Dan B.


Le Perreux-sur-Marne

"I had reached a point in my career where I needed a change. KineQuantum gave me a new tool to get out of my routine and also please patients. "

Éloïse Ferrantin physiotherapist and trainer at Le Theil de Bretagne

Éloïse F.



"KineQuantum reduces work time and increases results, and I couldn't do without it. I use it in all my clinics! I've never been so satisfied with a physiotherapy machine. It's relevant, inexpensive when you see the possible uses, and you can't stimulate the patient any better."

Hakim Azizi physiotherapist and osteopath in Lyon

Hakim A.



Physiotherapy equipment for rehabilitation by KineQuantum

At KineQuantum, all development is carried out in-house. The virtual reality application has been carefully designed to be simple to use. Experience a fluid and perfectly controlled experience. Your patients, meanwhile, benefit from rehabilitation exercises featuring advanced technical systems and unrivalled graphics in fun therapeutic games.

Try out physiotherapy equipment with virtual reality in your own practice, with your patients. The techniques used by KineQuantum offer an innovative and effective type of rehabilitation for patients suffering from a variety of pathologies.

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