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Physiotherapists: invest in therapeutic virtual reality

In 2024, therapeutic virtual reality takes a new turn. A new wireless device arrives on the market: KineQuantum Liberté.

Virtual reality rehabilitation is an interactive and immersive technology that stimulates your patient's brain and makes them believe they are in another world.

young sportsman with the KineQuantum Liberté device
tablette tactile mobile KineQuantum Liberty

Technological innovation combined with therapeutic excellence

Did you know that 4 out of 10 physiotherapists report feeling burnout? KineQuantum combines technological know-how and scientific relevance to simplify your daily practice and promote patient engagement.


Innovate in your care

Modernize your care and discover new therapeutic horizons.

Simplification zen

Improve your daily life

Simplify your practice, save time and breathe new life, to the delight of your patients… and yours.


Rehabilitate effectively

Virtual reality with KineQuantum helps rehabilitate a wide spectrum of pathologies: orthopedic, rheumatological, traumatological, neurological and vestibular.


Empower your patients

With a direct return on investment, KineQuantum supports your patients with stimulating rehabilitation sessions. Under your supervision, they are autonomous.


of physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum are satisfied.

physiotherapist equipped with KineQuantum

Xavier D., physiotherapist, Paris

KineQuantum does what I can't do with my hands, and empowers patients. It frees up my medical time, and it's quite different from giving your patient two dumbbells.

Source: satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with KineQuantum between 2022 and March 2024.

What is the benefit for your patients?


Reduce pain

2/3 of physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum noted a reduction in pain during the session.


Overcome kinesiophobia

Free your patients from their fears and encourage movement without fear.


Engage your patients

With KineQuantum, transform rehabilitation into a fun, engaging and motivating experience for patients.


Track progress

Visualize and promote your patients' progress in the form of a score to engage them.

Sports patients in virtual reality with KineQuantum Liberty


of patients are satisfied with their sessions.

smiling patient

Pierrette, 67-year-old patient, adhesive capsulitis

Coming to physiotherapy sessions is not always easy and it hurts. When we know that we have KineQuantum behind us, we come more easily.

Source: satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with KineQuantum between 2022 and March 2024.

Discover KineQuantum Liberty

The freedom to rehabilitate everywhere: KineQuantum Liberté combines mobility, advanced technology and ease of use for rehabilitation without borders.

Suitable for patients' homes

No more constraints of heavy and bulky installation. Easily carry your kit in a backpack for effective sessions, wherever you are.

+ 120 exercises

The KineQuantum software provides you with various rehabilitation exercises, adapted to the different physiopathologies of your patients.

KineQuantum Liberty medical device

100% freedom of movement

Offer your patients an optimal experience, thanks to wireless technology, for unprecedented freedom of movement.

Easy and ready to use

No fixed installation required, benefit from a simple interface with instant commissioning.

KineQuantum in numbers

Source: satisfaction survey carried out among 122 therapists equipped with KineQuantum between 2022 and March 2024 and KineQuantum internal statistics.

Why choose KineQuantum?

Effortless handling

Intuitive interface, with an integrated tutorial, for immediate operational efficiency.

Automated sessions

Automatic sequence of exercises. Protocol repeated between each session to save time.

100% guided

Visual, auditory and haptic biofeedbacks to avoid compensation.

Express start

Start a session with a patient who has already completed a session in less than a minute.

physiotherapist using KineQuantum Liberty

KineQuantum has unique technological know-how at the heart of its DNA.

A pioneer in the field, it is the only one to have developed its medical devices in such a sophisticated manner with one objective: to truly meet your expectations and those of your patients.

Exclusive launch offer

Take advantage of an exceptional 10% reduction reserved for the first 100 orders . Contact us today.

Sports patients in virtual reality with KineQuantum Liberty

Easy and quick

Intuitive and simple interface

Patient undergoing rehabilitation with KineQuantum

Immersive technology

Rehabilitate effectively

KineQuantum Liberty device

Compact and lightweight

Easily movable

Don't miss this opportunity to modernize your practice. Contact us today to schedule a custom demonstration and discover the benefits of KineQuantum Liberty.

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