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The impact of rehabilitation 
in virtual reality

Principle of operation


By positively trapping your patients' brains with virtual reality, KineQuantum removes their apprehensions. The attention of your patients is focused on the therapeutic game. Motivated, they naturally perform their movements.  

Added value for you and your patients


Fight against kinesiophobia with therapeutic virtual reality and reduce the pain of your patients during their sessions by up to 50%.

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Therapeutic rehabilitation

in virtual reality

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of physiotherapists equipped with the KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation tool are satisfied with their investment

Satisfaction surveys carried out with physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum between February 2021 and November 2022. Results obtained from 96 respondents.


“The patient is proactive and that is what we are looking for to recover the lost movement.

We are going to have a rehabilitation which is more effective with a muscle recruitment much closer to the reality of everyday life. "

Gregory Guyot physiotherapist

Gregory G.



“The objective is always to reduce the length of stays.

This tool allows you to work more efficiently. Without being aware of it, the patient can improve his performance by 50% compared to a classic session. "

Bastien Belmondo testimony KineQuantum

Bastien Belmondo

Head of physiotherapy department, Hospital

“KineQuantum is really very effective. What convinced me?

When I saw one of my patients raise their arms like never before. I even filmed it to show him afterwards. He was astonished himself. "

Gael S. KineQuantum testimony

Gaël S.



A unique diversity of therapeutic applications in virtual reality

With a single device, re-educate many orthopedic, rheumatological, trauma, neurological and vestibular pathologies. 120⁺ assessment and functional rehabilitation exercises in the KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation software. 

How does the virtual reality rehabilitation solution work?

KineQuantum is an all-in-one medical device consisting of virtual therapy software and virtual reality hardware. Simple to use, the KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation solution can easily be integrated into your practice.

KineQuantum device

Strengthen the attractiveness of your practice

How do you stand out? Modernize your practice with the KineQuantum virtual reality therapy device.

“I have an MS patient who was limited. I tried virtual reality, and there it was awesome. He really had a lot more ability in his elbow and shoulder. Nothing to do with what I got in classical occupational therapy. "

Guillaume L. KineQuantum testimonial

Guillaume L.

Occupational therapist


“For the same exercise, the amplitude of movement is greater in virtual reality than in a classic session. These possibilities allow patients to take part in their rehabilitation in a fun, innovative and efficient way. ”

Shahab Fardjad testimony KineQuantum

Dr Shahab Fardjad

Head of the rehabilitation unit

osteoarticular, Henri Mondor

“KineQuantum is an essential supplement for me in various pathologies. The solution allows me to work on exercises impossible to achieve in reality. It complements and improves patient care. "

Patrick C. KineQuantum testimonial

Patrick C.




Virtual reality therapy:
it's proven

The use of immersive virtual reality for therapeutic purposes for rehabilitation is based on the literature. KineQuantum is a CE marked medical device and has a large scientific committee. We also work with many rehabilitation centers and hospitals.


To try it is to adopt it !

Like 96% of our customers and 99% of their patients, trust the KineQuantum therapeutic solution*. Try the virtual reality rehabilitation medical device for free in your practice, with your patients.

*Satisfaction surveys carried out among physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum between February 2021 and November 2022. Results obtained from 96 respondents.

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