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Rehabilitation of pathologies
upper limb in virtual reality

KineQuantum therapeutic equipment allows you to perform more than 26 different exercises dedicated to the rehabilitation of the upper limb in virtual reality: rupture of the rotator cuff, adhesive capsulitis, tendonitis, sprains, fractures, rehabilitation of the operated shoulder...

Mobility of the shoulder complex: abduction / adduction, flexion / extension, rotation 

Mobility of the scapula: antepulsion, lowering, horizontal abduction / adduction

Elbow and forearm mobility: flexion / extension, pronation / supination

Wrist mobility: flexion / extension, abduction / adduction

Proprioceptive work: shoulder, elbow and wrist

Coordination work between the upper limbs

Work on reflexes, speed, agility

Cadriovascular strengthening work

Muscle control work

Assessment of the upper limb (mobility and proprioceptive)

physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum find the upper limb exercises adapted to their needs 

Satisfaction surveys carried out among physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum between February 2021 and November 2022. Results obtained from 96 respondents.

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