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Why equip yourself with virtual reality for therapeutic purposes?

The KineQuantum virtual reality therapy device for rehabilitation is designed to simplify your daily life.

a physiotherapist and his patient in virtual reality rehabilitation with KineQuantum

Save time

Schedule a 15-minute rehabilitation session in less than 30 seconds with the KineQuantum virtual reality therapy tool.

Laurent physiotherapist equipped with KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation


your working conditions

Tired of sessions that follow one another and look the same? With KineQuantum, don't just use your hands. 91% of our customers say they are ready to recommend us to their colleagues¹.

Senior male upper limb in center

Increase efficiency

The use of therapeutic virtual reality can reduce your patients' pain by up to 50 %². 91% of our customers believe that the medical device is effective¹. 

Patient in rehabilitation with KineQuantum virtual therapy

Motivate your patients

Give your patients extra motivation with the KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation solution. 99% of our customers say their patients are satisfied after use¹.

patient in rehabilitation with KineQuantum

Reinforce the attractiveness

of your practice

How do you stand out? Modernize your practice with the KineQuantum virtual reality therapy device.


¹  Satisfaction surveys carried out among physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum between February 2021 and November 2022. Results obtained from 96 respondents.

² Hoffman, HG, Meyer, WJ, 3rd, Ramirez, M., Roberts, L., Seibel, EJ, Atzori, B., and Patterson, DR (2014). Feasibility of articulated arm mounted Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles or adjunctive pain control during occupational therapy in pediatric burn patients. Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, 17(6), 397–401

“The service provided by the medical device is worth the expense. It's technically relevant and it really helps my patients. KineQuantum is now an integral part of my sessions. "

Jerome C. physiotherapist equipped vr kinequantum.jpg

Jerome C.



“The technology is doing what I can't do with my hands and it potentially gives me more medical time to do other things. It's quite another thing to give your patient two dumbbells. ”

Xavier D physiotherapist equipped with virtual reality rehabilitation.jpg

Xavier D.



“The device simulates, for example, an archery session. As a result, I no longer even need to tell them the movements to perform, they do it on their own, in complete autonomy. "


Franck R physiotherapist with virtual reality therapy headset.jpeg

Franck R.



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