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Why virtual reality therapy?

Archery in the Middle Ages, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, flying over a forest or walking in the jungle…. without leaving your physiotherapist's office!


Thanks to virtual reality rehabilitation therapy, discover a new way to rehabilitate yourself in addition to your usual sessions. Ask your physiotherapist for KineQuantum.

a patient and her physio with KineQuantum


virtual reality?

It is a cutting-edge technology allowing the patient to be completely immersed in a fictional world. Thanks to a virtual reality mask, the field of vision is covered with a panoramic display which allows a scenario.


Virtual reality thus allows an unprecedented level of immersion! You are no longer simply an external observer of images in front of a screen, but become an active participant inside the virtual world. 

What contribution for
your physiotherapy sessions?

Rehabilitation virtual reality pleasure KineQuantum

More pleasure

In virtual reality, your exercises are transformed into playful mini-games. Various virtual environments allow you to forget that you are at your physiotherapist and have fun while progressing in your rehabilitation. Your sessions are varied without tiring or demotivating you.

Virtual reality less pain hospital KineQuantum

Less pain

"Sometimes it pulls, other times, it hurts or is afraid of hurting and we do not dare to go to the end of our movements" explains a patient. With fun exercises, we realize that this psychological brake can be bypassed. Absorbed in the game, you no longer think about the pain. In fact, you feel it a lot less. 

Mobility recovery virtual reality rehabilitation KineQuantum


Focused on your therapeutic goals, you are at 100% throughout your session. Less tense, more relaxed and motivated, you go far in your movements which allows you an effective rehabilitation. The technique used follows your movements and helps you correct yourself.

It's proven !

Numerous studies have been carried out on virtual reality and in particular on its impact on pain.


US scientists at the Oregon Burn Center have tested virtual reality on severely burned children requiring painful daily care. The results exceeded their expectations, with an 80% decrease in pain felt.

Source: Hoffman, HG, Meyer III, WJ, Ramirez, M., Roberts, L., Seibel, EJ, Atzori, B., ... & Patterson, DR (2014). Feasibility of articulated arm mounted Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles for adjunctive pain control during occupational therapy in pediatric burn patients. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 17 (6), 397-401.

Find an equipped physiotherapist
with KineQuantum virtual therapy

More than 250 physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation centers and hospitals are equipped with the KineQuantum rehabilitation medical device.

This medical device is a regulated health product which bears, under this regulation, the CE marking.

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