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Areas of therapeutic application of virtual reality

Thanks to its team of engineers and its scientific committee, the functional rehabilitation tool in virtual reality KineQuantum continually enriches its wide spectrum of treatments and protocols already made up of 120 assessment and rehabilitation exercises.

Virtual reality rehabilitation exercises cervical spine KineQuantum



Chronic or acute neck pain, oculocephalogyric disorders, proprioceptive work

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Exercise work balance KineQuantum

Work of

the balance

Static and dynamic posture disorders, transfers of support, unipodal work

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KineQuantum upper limb rehabilitation exercise



Post-operative shoulder, elbow, global functional rehabilitation

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Exercise rehabilitation virtual reality neurology KineQuantum

Neurological rehabilitation

Post-stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, activities of daily living

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KineQuantum lumbar rehabilitation exercise


Chronic or acute low back pain, spinal strengthening, proprioceptive work

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Vestibular rehabilitation virtual reality KineQuantum

Vestibular rehabilitation

Vestibular deficits, dizziness, visual addictions, seasickness, acrophobia, agoraphobia

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KineQuantum lower limb rehabilitation exercises



Hip, ankle and knee sprains, postoperative rehabilitation, muscle control

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Exercise anxiety disorders virtual reality KineQuantum

Relaxation and relaxation

Hard to handle, tense and tense patients with strong apprehension.​

physiotherapists equipped with virtual reality for rehabilitation with KineQuantum find the exercises adapted to the needs of their patients

Satisfaction surveys carried out among physiotherapists equipped with KineQuantum between February 2021 and November 2022. Results obtained from 96 respondents.


Perform quick and precise assessments

The KineQuantum virtual reality rehabilitation device allows you to perform assessments with standardized exercises that are linked automatically: spine (cervical and lumbar), balance, neurology and upper limb.

Visualize the results of your patients via numerous indicators: proprioceptive biases, quantification of amplitudes in degrees, statokinesigram ... Then show your patients and the doctor the impact of your rehabilitation. Then, export the results in pdf for ease.

A safe and efficient device

KineQuantum is a CE marked medical device. Our goal is to offer only therapeutic exercises in virtual reality online with an EBP (evidence based practice) approach.

Doctors Recommend Virtual Reality Patient Treatment with KineQuantum

Claire Gervais Physician Testimonial KineQuantum.jpg

Claire Gervais

Rehabilitation doctor

“When the patient is in a pattern of chronic pain, he protects the painful area, he excludes it, by no longer mobilizing it.


With the virtual reality tool, this barrier is lifted through games and images. Attention is captured and the user gets to do things he didn't think he could do. We are here in a process of regaining confidence. "


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