Virtual reality + Physiotherapy = KineQuantum

Discover virtual reality as a tool for physical therapy


Accurate & reliable


Degree-precise range of motion assessment


The first virtual reality evaluation and rehabilitation solution

By mixing the latest state of the art technology, KineQuantum revolutionizes physical therapy through full body exercises.

Conceived by a physical therapist for physical therapists, KineQuantum is the ideal choice for your patient work-out at the hospital, physical rehabilitation centers or private practice.

KineQuantum provides a challenging and immersive experience to your patients, engaging them into their therapy.

Virtual reality software

For functional evaluation, rehabilitation and follow-up

For the whole body : spine, upper limb and balance

That includes accurate measurement tools

An immersive experience to fully engage your patients

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KineQuantum is simple !


Easy setup

Putting the virtual reality headset only takes a few seconds.


Configurable session

Scheduling an evaluation or rehabilitation session from 5 to 20 minutes takes no more than 2 clicks.

Interactive work

The patient is fully immersed in a virtual world to work-out autonomously under its PT’s supervision.

Progression tracking

KineQuantum records all kind of indicators from ROM to balance indicators including vestibular parameters.

« KineQuantum is a necessary add-on to my therapy for various pathologies, including neurological ones. It offers me possibilities beyond the reality limitations. It completes and enhances patient care. » (translated from French)

Patrick Couny

Physical Therapist in Gennes, France

Relieve your patient’s pain

Pain sensation is decreased by 50% during and after the exercises thanks to immersion in virtual reality
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Source: Virtual reality and pain management: current trends and future directions – 2012

A series of full body exercises suitable for functional evaluation and physical rehabilitation with more than 60 treatments protocols

Ideal for an intensive use, KineQuantum is easy to integrate in your day-to-day protocols. This major innovation in physiotherapy will help you maximize your therapeutics objectives:


Balance rehabilitation


Rheumatologic, traumatology and orthopaedics reach.

KineQuantum is a game changer in the balance rehabilitation field by easily desorienting patients. Work on static and dynamic balance, body weight, geriatric patients…

Suitable for a rehabilitation after stroke, cerebellar disorders or Parkinson disease.


Upper limb


Functional rehabilitation

KineQuantum is the ideal choice for functional rehabilitation of the whole arm (shoulder, elbow and wrist). The upper limb mobility and functionnal assesment is currently work in progress, and will be unveiled Q1 2018.

Vestibular is finally within reach ! No need for a dark room nor for an optokinetic ball, it’s all simulated in virtual reality. It also includes VVS, VVS with optokinetic stimulations and Rod and frame test.

Rehabilitation in day-to-day tasks as shopping in a supermarket.

Go beyond the fear of movement ! Immerse them, so your patients focus on their game and move naturally.

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Be more efficient


Export a complete patient file in pdf

Useful, easy and efficient: Show your patients their progress

« Thanks to KineQuantum I can easily follow my patients’ progress. Virtual reality is really stunning and fun: my patients love it and ask for it from a session to another. » (translated from French)

Jérôme Cressiot

Physical therapist in the Val-d'Oise district, France

Real-time biofeedback stimulates the patients to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

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What is virtual reality ?

Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet. We control each parameter of this virtual environment which allows us to create assessment and rehabilitation exercices for your patients : balance, spine, vestibular, or upper limb.


of people will experience neck pain in their life


of physio therapists are ready to adopt rehab-gaming

ANAES , recommandation pour la pratique clinique.

BVA, Introduction et Adhésion des kinésithérapeutes au “Rehab-Gaming”.

A simple and compact device

The KineQuantum « all-in-one solution » includes:

KineQuantum software & 2h of basic trainning

The virtual reality headset and its accessories

An optimized computer for VR application

Install service, 1 year of maintenance, assistance and updates

Leasing available: Contact us for more information.

Do you want to try KineQuantum in real conditions with your patients?

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